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Young girls thrown to the mercy of prostitution for fleeing secessionism.
We were still talking about it during the 2nd parliamentary session that opened at the Ngoa ekelle glass palace. The ghost of the crisis continues to haunt MPs. On the table, “Growing Prostitution”.
How many of these displaced people in the northwestern and southwestern regions have been seized with secessionist tendencies for the past three years? A good one who could give an exact figure. De facto, they are hundreds of thousands. A problem of society that challenges the public authorities at the highest. So much so that it inspired the press that did not fail to titrate: “The prostitutes of the crisis” in this case the one who bar one of the newspaper Mutations. By a report in a hot corner of Douala where displaced girls in search of survival, trade in their body because having no other way to survive. Moreover, the metaphor used by the newspaper does not stop at pure prostitution. It is a society displaced and driven by the instinct of life. A widespread prostitution.
It must therefore ACT, and as soon as possible. According to our sources, the government has taken the measure of gravity. The Minister of Territorial Administration descended into NOSO. With humanitarian aid. And then, for the newspaper Le Quotidien, we note “Already 104 families assisted” Excuse the little. Revelation made to the press on June 11, 2019 in Buea by Minister Paul Atanga Nji himself. It must be said that he carried out this mission with the partners of the United Nations system. It also involved determining how to distribute this assistance in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Order of November 21, 2018.
In addition, faced with the urgency of the NOSO, MPs come out of their long sleep. Timidly … Cameroon Tribune, the newspaper with public capital reveals that “The parliamentarians make their proposals”. The opening of the 2nd ordinary session of the 2019 legislative year saw the presidents of the Senate and the National Assembly urge Parliament to accompany and support the initiatives taken by the government for a definitive return to normalcy.
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ulrich: je dedie ce son à tous mes frères et sœurs et aussi à tous mes amis et conna
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